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   Last Updated: 10/18 2007

I.K.'s Official Home Page



























     Yesterday, My room's light suddenly faded.

    So I changed my light-bulb with new one, ...but no changes.

    It's a serious problem, still I slept in that room last night.

     It was solve in the next day, when my mom bought new light-bulb.

    The new light-bulb I mentioned yesterday was not new one...

                                                                10/18 2007


    Whew... I have seminar break from today.

   It's about 2 to 3 weeks, of course I will spend this opportunity

   for drawing. well, I will also play game, though.

   I guess I will focus in practicing drawing backgrounds, since

   I'm so bad at drawing backgrounds.

                                                               10/13 2007 

    There is a  pop-up menu came whenever I tried to open site...

   I tried to eliminate it but it seems like I'm helpless here.

   Is this because I used free web posting site? I'm not even sure.

   People who knows how to eliminate it, please give me a e-mail at

                                                              10/1 2007


    I finished drawing my 13 pages color comics today,

   I started it 2 month ago, I never expect that it will take

   me 2 month to finish it

    Currently, I'm focusing on creating adv game,

   or simulation game.

    I'm planning to post the comic in this site if I have chance.      

                                                               9/23 2007

     Recently, I'm crazy about Ali Project, 

   It's a Japanese neo-classic band who sing a

   lot of anime theme song,

     I like "Mirai no Eve" ...for some reason, I'm 

   addicted to the song.

     I just remembered the anime "Avenger" which

   Ali Project sing the OP, Gesshoku Grand Guignol

   (Lunar-Eclipse Grand Guignol) and ED, Mirai no Eve

   (Eve of the Future).

     I like the soundtrack, OP, ED and the character- 

   design. but not the anime itself.

   because the character was motionless most of the 

   time, and the story was hard to understand.

   ...but generally, I like Avenger.

                                                               9/17 2007


     I watched Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan

    which I downloaded from the net.

    ...It's funny!! I laughed too much on every single 


     personally, I don't like the blood, but I'm kinda like 

   the "Pipirupipirupi" scene.    

     I'm looking forward to watch the season two of


                                                                              9/14 2007

     Nice to meet you everyone. My name is I.K.

    I'm currently studying English in the Philippines.

    My dream is to be a professional comic-writer.

      This was the first time for me to make a home 

   page. There not much things here right now, 

   but I will add more galleries later on.

   please visit me anytime...

                                                                               9/9 2007